The Pittsburgh Predator's Jungle



The Jungle is the Indoor Hitting and Pitching facility of the Pittsburgh Predators. Our pitchers are able to Pitch indoors on actual infield mix year round ! Softball pitchers know just how different it is to pitch on a gym floor or on artificial turf compared to dirt.

The Jungle also has numerous hitting stations along with its batting cage. 

Our dedicated coaches work to prepare players for the next level by developing mechanics, mental approach, physical fitness, and overall knowledge of the game. The Pittsburgh Predators philosophy is to develop each individual player to play at their maximum potential by teaching the highest levels of play in fundamental softball and the value of quality repetition. Softball is a unique game in that it is an "individual sport with a team concept". Every player progresses at a different rate and every player, no matter what their talent level, will take an amount of time to make the adjustments necessary for success. This is why we believe in our investment in the Jungle.   "Our success is only measured by our players success"



The Jungle